Computer database for loyalty programmes

Software enables management over a client database. It allows development of analyses of sale in time periods, by assortment, as well as in client groups. It converts points according to a point key. Such databases are compatible with magnetic card readers, chip card readers and barcode scanners.

Barcode scanners

In each situation when barcode cards are used, the appropriate devices are necessary for them, known as scanners. CARDMAN offers optical and laser scanners, stationary and portable. With our knowledge and experience, we can easily offer you the product appropriate to your requirements and possibilities.

Magnetic and chip card readers

Confirmation of presence at work, checking time of entry and exit, as well as many other similar situations. Such readers offer a number of possibilities for the client which have to be adjusted to their expectations. Each of our recommended readers is verified and tested so that you could be sure that the equipment is reliable.

Barcode scanners

Qucik Scan L

Magnetic strip card readers

MSR 900

Chip card readers

Cardman 3121