Family cards with key rings

Family cards combine a large standard card with two key rings which may be broken off. This forms a triple set for family members who all collect points in one account. They all contribute to increasing the number of points and winning profits.

This initiative ensures the issuer of the card higher inflow of clients, because each person in the family will have a stimulus to use the offer of the specific shop or service point.

The best advantage of this solution comes in having a miniature card, the key ring. It is 1/3 of the standard card size. It may easily be connected to the keys or to the lead to always be readily available. It is a nice small advertising gadget which the client wants to have. It does not take up a lot of space in the wallet, which makes it easy and convenient to carry.

The card may have many additions:

barcode identical for the entire set of the cards (collecting points in one client account)
variable barcodes for each use of the card (collecting points in separate accounts)
signature strip absorbing pen ink; to record the data of the owner of the card or to sign
metallisation, metallic pearly bases for a select group of clients in the Prestige type
openings to clip the cards as key rings or to a snap hook
colour overprint in CMYK as well as in Pantone