How to arrange the clients’ gift cards and souvenir cards

There will always be a suitable occasion to give an elegant gift to your relatives. However, sometimes we are not sure whether our choice will fully satisfy the recipient. In such a case the gift card proves particularly useful as it allows the addressee to make his own choice and select the most enjoyable item or service. Seems like a perfect solution!

Each purchaser can introduce some changes to the image of the card. It may either have a simple design, or it can also be visually enriched, serving at the same time as a nice gadget. The additions include:
– metallic or pearly coat,
– foil metallization that imitate gold or silver,
– matt surface
– decorative or spot varnish
– full or partial transparency

The purchaser has the opportunity to secure the high-value gift card with the hologram to ensure the security of transaction.

The gift cards can be packed in an elegant case or an envelope, which does not require additional search for gift-wrapping.