The transaction is not finished upon receipt of payment. The seller should aim at building long-term relations with the client, and not only to achieve a single sale.

Many companies make the radical error resulting in lack of possibilities of achieving success. Companies usually try to win over new clients, completely forgetting about maintaining relations with their regular clients. The reason why so many sellers are involved in winning new clients is the fact that very few of them can build up loyalty of earlier clients. We have to be honest: work on maintaining the current clients is simply difficult, as most of the sellers declare.

Success is not only proven with the number of new clients in the given place, who took advantage of the service on a one-off basis. The ground base is always built on the relations with those clients who allow continuous earnings.

Thus, more and more interest is apparent in introducing programmes which retain the client for the company for a longer time, and encourage them to return in the future. All types of activities which evoke loyalty with the client also gain in importance. All this is used so that trust once won could result in new returns and purchases.

The most frequent form of encouraging the client to return is offering them measurable benefits from the fact of purchasing in the network. This will provide him with the real assurance of his right to special conditions in the firm of regular client cards. Programmes executed by points of sale usually assume the following forms of privileges for clients with cards:

  • prizes in kind granted in drawings,
  • prizes in kind granted after buying for a certain amount in the specific time range,
  • fixed price discounts,
  • price discounts related to the purchases, increased after a certain value is spent.