The important role of calendars, both in personal and business life, is obvious. Checking a specific date? Setting a meeting? Finding important days and events?

CARDMAN recommends the highest quality leaf calendars in the form of plastic cards, as well as calendars as contest elements, in which ink is applied to cover the prize symbol or the winning information. The complete set is packed in a foil bag to protect against damage.

Calendars are available using the following technologies:

lacquered paper 300 g,
PVC lacquered 0.31 mm,
PVC laminated 0.36; 0.54; 0.76 mm.
Apart from the calendar functionalities, they may also be used as discount cards or as contest scratch cards. What will be included in the back side of the calendar depends on the creativity of the ordering person. We do our best so that each client feels satisfied with our work.