To meet the needs of the most demanding clients, we can produce plastic identifiers. Each client has specific needs and expectations, and focuses attention on completely different aspects.

What are plastic identifiers? What is the difference as compared with traditional paper identifiers? First of all, plastic documents are more durable and convenient for use. It has a photo and the full details of its owner.

Official identification cards are increasingly popular and demand for them is growing. Each one also has a place for signature, which is used for confirmation of the identification card with company stamps or for extension of their validity.

Plastic identifiers are produced in digital or offset printing to ensure the highest quality of the photos embedded in them. Thermal print can also be chosen, which is certainly cheaper, but at the cost of print precision. To have your design ready for print, the database should first be created in the table format, along with images of the photos. The final plastic identifiers will be provided in the order of the materials provided, in secure packages.

In order to create a positive image for your company, facility or activities, providing employees with these documents is a good idea. Professionalism, high quality and durability.